The World United Nations  - Think Outside the Box
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Think Outside the Box-
A World of United Nations.
      Those of us that have quality lives are thankful and blessed.
   Those that do-not have quality lives have the opportunity to pursue; quality life, Happiness, Health, Education, 
Food, Clothing,Transportation,
Recreation, and Homes.
 Think Outside the Circle-
A United Earth.
 Once being integrated into the meld of technological provisions,  we can alter our view of conscienscious
beliefs in a shared quality-life of perpetual personal growth.
In an environment free of man-made pollutants foreign and abroad.
 The United Earth of Unified Nation
Focused on Global cooperation, shared cultures and individual equality of all human beings and life. 
To have equal rights of choice the equal opportunity to pursue all amenities and opportunities of quality life. Perpetual advancement, and growth
 A United Earth. 
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